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At TYR Tactical, we set out to revolutionize tactical equipment for the Next Generation Warrior™. At our state-of-the-art facility in Arizona, we’ve assembled an elite team of scientists, designers, and sewing professionals. We are fully committed to advancing the performance of the men and women serving our country.

Channeling a warrior-like mindset and implementing a holistic design approach, we’ve created a hybrid material called PV®. By manufactured design, the entire line of pouches and vests weigh at least 20 percent less than comparable products available in today’s market. In independent testing, products made with PV® were shown to resist abrasion 7 to 10 times more than any material used by competitors.

With our friends and family members across the globe fighting the war on terror, we understand the importance of every stitch. Rest assured that we will continue to bring you the latest technologies in combat gear and body armor. And it is with honor and great pride, that we outfit the Next Generation Warrior™.



It all started when…

We were sick of seeing organizations taking in money for a noble cause, and wasting those dollars on overhead and other unnecessary expenses. The veteran world is truly a global community- and we reflect that in our mission to help veterans and their families accomplish their mission at home.

We are by design, a 100% volunteer run organization. We have no paid positions, no office to rent, or other hidden expenses. Sure, it takes us a few bucks to buy tee shirts and ship them out to you guys, but we truthfully put every penny we can into the cause.


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