TNVC exists to provide the absolute best Night Vision and related gear to the Warfighter, Law Enforcement Professional, and Civilian market. Our core foundation is night vision and its tactical application.  Our company is made up of former and current Warfighters and Law Enforcement Professionals who understand what it means to have dependable gear when going into harm’s way.  TNVC does not compromise when it comes to bringing you the best equipment available!  What sets us apart is our understanding of your needs as professionals. You might notice that we do not feature every night vision device on the market on our website.  The reason is simple: we run our gear through exhaustive tests, finding out its limits and gaining an acute comprehension of its capabilities. We train heavily in order to make sure that the equipment we offer meets our high standards. The only gear you will find on our site is gear we have personally worked with because we are not about to sell you a product based solely on the manufacturer’s marketing. Bottom line: if we do not test a piece of kit to find out if we would bet our lives on it, we will not offer it to our customers. It is too important to us that Warfighters and Law Enforcement Professionals have night vision that will help them perform their duties while staying alive, than for us to carry an item just to make a buck.

TNVC will constantly be updating our site with new gear and reviews.  We add to our inventory as we test new gear. But, we only add it after we work with it. At TNVC, we make sure we have a good working knowledge of our products so we can better meet the needs of our customers. On our website, you will find in depth descriptions and reviews of each product in our inventory. Instead of pasting a manufacturer’s ad copy, we want to make sure you get the most information possible. We will provide our no-BS assessment and recommendations about equipment and gear and provide helpful hints and tips. You will also find proprietary photography of each product that will give you an in-depth understanding of what you are buying. If you are planning on spending your hard-earned money on an expensive item, we want to make sure you are as informed as possible.  We also show real “through-the-tube” NV images, raw and un-doctored, so our customers get a better understanding of the device’s capabilities. While we pride ourselves on this aspect, we only wish our cameras could really capture the absolute resolution through the tube a user typically observes. What you will not find here are manufacturer’s marketing photos of gear that will never see use. All our photos depict gear we have had in hand and used in training.

TNVC is also not just another retailer. We work closely with our Military and Law Enforcement Agencies (Local and Federal) to develop innovative and practical products. TNVC is an OEM manufacturer of several specialty weapon mounts in use by numerous Mil. and Police Departments. We also co-develop Night Vision Devices and Tactical Lights with other manufacturers that we are very excited to offer.

In closing, customer service is our number one priority and what we’ve also become known for. We have strived to be the most knowledgeable company in the NV industry and provide no-BS answers and solutions to our clients. Our staff is incredibly dedicated, and when you call, Victor Di Cosola, TNVC’s Owner and President, is always happy to pick up the phone and personally walk you through your questions. We want to thank all those that have helped make TNVC a success, especially those on, and of course our past and current instructors and comrades-in-arms.  We also want to thank all our midnight hunters in Montana and the great state of Texas. Thanks to those of you who cannot be mentioned publicly (you know who you are). And finally, thanks to a lost friend and comrade, Robert L. Shultis SBPD.

Tactical Night Vision Company Staff