The origin of TOMCAR® dates back to 1967. That was when a specialized unit of airborne commandos were dropped into enemy territory – along with half a dozen Willy’s MB Jeeps – to carry out a top-secret mission. The unit was stranded behind enemy lines when all six Jeeps were destroyed upon landing. Fortunately, the unit’s commanding officer was able to piece together two running vehicles from the wreckage, allowing the commandos to successfully complete their mission.

Two decades later, that same soldier built the first TOMCAR®, a durable but versatile all-terrain vehicle that is designed to be parachuted out of a plane for use in military operations. All of the vehicle’s parts are readily accessible and easy to repair and replace in the field. The major components of the vehicle are symmetrical and interchangeable, reducing the necessary stock on hand, streamlining repairs and simplifying maintenance. TOMCAR® is also extremely tough – it is the strongest vehicle in its class, with a fully welded steel safety cell that is integral to the frame, not just bolted in place. This level of structural integrity and safety is simply unmatched by any other utility vehicle on the market today. And it is this commitment to quality that really sets TOMCAR® apart from the competition.

TOMCAR® has now been in continual active development for over twenty years, and successfully serves numerous military forces in conflict zones across the world. TOMCAR®’s unique credentials as an ultra-durable and highly functional off-road vehicle have also been endorsed by commercial users working in a wide range of demanding industries. A popular vehicle in military, commercial and consumer markets, there is simply nothing that compares to TOMCAR®.