Whiskey & War Stories™ Sponsorship Opportunities

The Silent Warrior Foundation is proud to host the 6th Annual Whiskey & War Stories, which will be held on August 21, 2021, at the Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch, Arizona. 

This annual fundraiser will honor the men of Operation Eagle Claw. An in depth discussion of the mission moderated by board member David Hall, SOCS (SEAL), USN, Ret. will be the highlight of the event. This night will bring together members of the rescue team and former hostages who were held in Iran for 444 days. 

There will also be an online auction of “tactical unicorns” and military memorabilia to help raise funds for the charity.

Last year’s 5th Whiskey & War Stories brought together the men of Operation Ivory Coast otherwise known as the “Son Tay Raid” and raised over $200,000 to benefit veterans in need. This event also kickstarted the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Son Tay Raid

We invite you to become one of our sponsors to make this event memorable for the honorees and guests. This is a big homecoming event for the distinguished men of the rescue team, former hostages and their families. Top military supporters and friends of the foundation will be there. 

Here are the different ways you can help:

  1. Title Sponsor - $9,500
    Includes: Company name on all press releases/ marketing materials, exclusive fireside chat livestream/ interview sessions with the honorees, B-roll footage of event, table for 8 at the gala and VIP meet and greet with the honorees, a bottle of 3Ranger Whiskey for the table.

  2. Freedom Sponsor  - $5,000 donation
    Includes: prominent placement of your company’s name/logo on all press releases and evening program, exclusive minute livestream sessions (up to 15 minutes) with the honorees, table for 8 at the gala and VIP meet and greet with the honorees.

  3. Patriot Sponsor - $3,500 donation
    Includes: Company name , table for 8 at the gala and VIP meet and greet with the honorees.

  4. Auction Sponsor - donation of a valuable, one of a kind *priceless* goods or experience.

    *The auction is the main fundraiser for the foundation. Funds raised will directly benefit the veterans and their families in need. 

  5. Gift Bag Sponsor - only the best of your products for the men of Operation Eagle Claw

    *These will be presented to the guests of honor/ speakers. This is a great way to express appreciation for their sacrifices. Pictures will be taken and will be shared with the sponsor.

For more information please contact Lona Spisso: Lona@silentwarriorfoundation.com

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The Silent Warrior Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 charity serving active and former U.S.  military veterans and their families since 2010